About Marie Hope

“I love to create and love to build businesses; when I feel a passion for something, there is no way but forward. Tea with Marie… and Everything British is a virtual extension of my tea shop and restaurant. A place to learn, reminisce, and connect with like-minded people, and just generally slow down the pace to enjoy the moment. An opportunity to visit Britain without crossing the Atlantic.”
~ Marie Hope 

Marie Hope, the founder of Tea with Marie… and Everything British, was born in the small idyllic town of Clitheroe in Lancashire, England. At the age of 11, Marie and her parents moved three miles outside of Clitheroe to a very tiny village called Barrow in which young Marie would walk a mile to the telephone box to call her friends. It was then that she realized that there was much more to life, and at that moment, her cravings for travel and new experiences were realized. 
When Marie was in high school, she realized that she had a photographic memory, which made it easy for her to earn A’s and be at the top of her class. This was Marie’s first experience of having control over her environment and destiny, and it was also the turning point in her life as she adopted the “whatever it takes” motto. With the combination of natural intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and the exhilaration she experienced from achievement, she realized that she possessed the components for a type A, high-achieving life in the making. And at this time, “whatever it took” to achieve was relatively easy for Marie. 
On the advice of a career counselor in high school, Marie attended Thomas Danby College in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England to study Business and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Shortly after graduation at the age of 21, an amazing opportunity presented itself to manage a small café in Bermuda. Not knowing where Bermuda was, her wanderlust took over as it sounded exotic and sunny. 
In May 1977, Marie boarded a British Airways Jumbo Jet headed for Bermuda. Terrified – as it was her first time on an airplane, coupled with a fear of flying – she invoked her “whatever it takes” motto and carried on. Arriving as a shy, young working-class girl from England, Marie spent the next seven years building her professional experience and gaining confidence. She managed the café for three years and then taught Culinary Arts and Restaurant Service at the Bermuda Hotel College for the next four years. 
Then in 1984, she left Bermuda for an incredible opportunity in the United States. She continued her passion in the restaurant and culinary industry, this time as the Director of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in the Philadelphia, PA area. 
After many years, Marie decided to open a space at a small new farmers market in the Philadelphia suburbs of Malvern, PA. Called A Taste of Britain, Marie baked and sold homemade British goods as well as sourced a line of British grocery items difficult to find in the USA. While there, her customers expressed a desire for an authentic British tea shop where they could enjoy afternoon tea, scones, and British pastries… similar to the small tea shops and cafes in England. “Whatever it takes,” Marie thought. 
Soon after, Marie graduated from the farmers market and opened a tiny tea shop on the Main Line of Philadelphia that blossomed into a very popular venue. A Taste of Britain served British style lunches and full afternoon tea events complete with tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. Special dinners were held to honor various British holidays, such as the Queen’s Birthday, Scottish Burns Night, and Candlelight Christmas Afternoon teas served during December. In time, the menu grew to include a full line of homemade British specialties, and the display shelves overflowed with British China Teapots, cups, saucers, tea strainers, and various British gift items. Catering services were added that focused on afternoon tea events and were very popular for bridal and baby showers, sweet sixteen gatherings, and mother-daughter gatherings. 
After 15 years, Marie decided to sell A Taste of Britain and eventually relocated to Northeast Florida. However, the love of her British heritage and passion for sharing her knowledge on all things British prompted Marie to start her latest endeavor, Tea with Marie… and Everything British. Whatever it takes…