The TWM Story

“When tea becomes ritual, it takes place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things…” 

~ Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog  

My heart warmed and tears welled. In a Florida restaurant the smell of fresh grilled fish and salt and sand wafted in the air. There was a soft breeze as I recounted with nostalgia, to my close friend Stu, my many years owning my tea shop and restaurant – A Taste of Britain – which I had created, built and operated for 15 years and had then sold in 2007 

I reminisced on the camaraderie of working alongside my English staff, the joy of seeing customers with their children and grandchildren sitting and creating memories over the selection of fancy tea sandwiches, home baked scones and authentic British pastries of our famous afternoon teas. The shelves nooks and crannies held our beautiful fine china teapots and dinnerware. 

Upon entering our dining room, you were greeted with the fragrant scent of fresh brewed tea and transported into the ambience of a slower, calming, tranquil, and yearned-for time. 

In those few nostalgic minutes by the beach, the vision of “Tea with Marie” was born. I was excited to create a virtual recreation of my Tea Shop including podcasts, videos and blogs discussing tea and British culture. You will see on our website our store where you can purchase a line of our own exclusively selected products including a selection of our personal brand of premium teas and an array of themed British gifts. 

It is my hope that by engaging with us all at “Tea with Marie” you will be transported into an authentic British experience without ever having to cross the Atlantic. 

~ Marie Hope