Catering Menu

Afternoon Tea Selections

Tea with Marie tea sandwichesSandwiches – Select 4
  • Egg salad with capers
  • Goat cheese with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Coronation chicken
  • Cucumber with minted cream cheese
  • English cheese with Branston pickle
  • Deviled Ham with pineapple
  • Smoked turkey with cranberry butter

Optional – Premium Sandwiches (additional cost per guest)

  • Smoked Salmon and cream cheese pinwheels  (additional $1.75 per guest)
  • Roast beef and watercress with horseradish  (additional $1.75 per guest)
  • Cheesy shrimp salad (additional $1.75 per guest)
  • Crab salad (additional $1.75 per guest)


Pastries – Select 4
  • Rose shortbread
  • Cream filled strawberry meringue
  • Coconut macaroons (note – not macarons)
  • Bakewell tart (sweet pastry base with raspberry preserve topped with almond cake and iced)
  • Lemon mousse cups
  • Chocolate dipped cream puffs
  • Lemon curd cup cakes with raspberry buttercream (with cake toppers for the occasion)

Optional – Premium Pastries (additional cost per guest)

  • Mini English sherry trifle  (additional $1.95 per guest)
  • Black forest chocolate mousse   (additional $1.95 per guest)
  • Baileys Irish Cream mousse  (additional $1.95 per guest)


Tea with Marie Full Plate

Heavy Hors d'oeuvres Menu  (additional cost per guest)

  • Mushroom vol au vent  (additional $3.50 per guest)
  • Mini quiche  (additional $3.50 per guest)
  • Shrimp vol au vent  (additional $4.00 per guest)
  • Mini sausage rolls with Dijon dip  (additional $3.50 per guest)
  • Bacon wrapped shrimp  (additional $4.25 per guest)
  • Salted pecan and brie mini tarts  (additional $3.50 per guest)
  • Deviled eggs  (additional $3.25 per guest)




Minimum party is 10 guests.
Full-Service Afternoon Tea includes delivery, set up, and service to your home.
Please Contact Us for availability.
Phone:  (904) 372-4458